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Why we love engagement rings?

by Ann-Louise Jewellers | Dec 05, 2017

Learn the reasons why we love engagement rings in Canada. Engagement rings are the perfect symbol of love, hope and devotion.

Falling in love is such a wonderful feeling to experience. The world seems beautiful and the future brighter than ever before. You look into your love's eyes and dream about your life together. You feel your heart swell with happiness and amazement at having found a partner that is perfect for you in every way and makes you feel this good.

Eventually it becomes clear that this is the right person and the right time to make a commitment. You may mutually decide to go searching together for the perfect ring to express your love, or perhaps there is a surprise in store for one of you as the other discretely plans the proposal.

Everyone loves engagement rings because they are a promise of hope and radiate love.

We love engagement rings because they are a beautiful visualisation of a deep and wonderful feeling. When we look at them we instantly connect with that feeling and when others look at them we share that feeling with the world, lighting it up with our love even if just in a small way.

So when you gaze at your engagement ring, remind yourself of how lucky you are of having this much love in your life. If you don't have a ring yet and find yourself gazing at other women's, then focus on how happy you are that such love exists and that you could be the next one to be graced with it.

We love engagement rings because they just  look so beautiful and sparkle and shine in the light.

We love our rings for the sentimental attachment we bestow upon them, but also because they are just so gorgeous to look at! They are subtly designed and skillfully crafted to radiate beauty in the most perfect way possible while still remaining comfortable to wear and strong enough to handle our daily activities.

There are absolutely hundreds of rings to choose from, to suit different personal preferences.  Ann-Louise offers a wide selection of designs like traditional solitaire, timeless halo, modern illusion, or trendy rose gold, to meet your personal style.  There are also different types of diamonds and stones to consider; Canadian diamonds, Ideal Cut diamonds, sapphires, rubies, morganites, and so many more. Sit in a comfy chair at home or snuggle in your bed while you browse all the engagement ring designs to find the perfect one to showcase your love to the world. After all, everyone will want to see it so you want it to be a true reflection of yourself.

Engagement rings mark an unforgettable time in our lives

Getting engaged is a unique and special time in one’s life, a memory that we always revisit when thinking of our biggest life moments and accomplishments. They are usually the first in a series to come. Plans are soon made to marry and then future events like having children or buying a home together potentially proceed from the marriage as well.  This is the time to celebrate and make the memory as happy and beautiful as possible. It's a celebration of your unique love, of your cherished partner and of all the other important people in your life that share this time with you.

Some engagement rings are irreplaceable because they are family heirlooms

Some engagements rings have been passed down from generation to generation and carry with them all that extra sentimentality. Such a treasure should be cherished while still being enjoyed. Remember to pay some additional TLC to old rings and have them regularly checked for any weaknesses or other issues that come with time and wear. With the right care, a ring can last forever, however should your family heirloom ring suffer from age and need to be remade or refurbished, Ann-Louise has designers and goldsmiths that can help you with the process. 

Ann-Louise is pleased to represent a wide selection of engagement rings for women to meet your personal and unique style and to hopefully also share this moment with you. Browse the selection of yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold rings, to find the perfect match. You can also choose promise rings, wedding bands, mens rings, gemstone rings, or anniversary bands.