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What’s the Meaning Behind Promise Rings?

by Ann-Louise Jewellers | Mar 05, 2018

What’s the Meaning Behind Promise Rings?

What does a promise ring mean? Why would you give one? Is it the same thing as an engagement ring? Take it from one of the top jewelry companies in the country, we certainly get our fair share of questions about promise rings. In this post, we’re going to take all the guess work out of promise rings …we promise!

What’s a promise ring?

A promise ring is precisely that, a ring that signifies a pledge you’ve made to another person or yourself. It can be a romantic, elegant, or simple way to express your love and commitment. But unlike an engagement ring , it doesn’t come with the expectations of marriage.

Why give a promise ring?

Promise rings can mean many different things to many different people—and that’s the beauty of them. Anyone can give a promise ring! Whether it’s for that special someone, a friend, a family member, or even yourself, rules don’t apply when it comes to giving or receiving a promise ring.

Here a just some of the reasons you might want to give promise ring:

● Promise ring meaning for a girlfriend or promise rings for couples

Too soon to get married? Well, not all rings shared between couples need to be of the “down on one knee” variety. Sometimes, you just want to give a thoughtful gesture that declares your love. If you’re in a serious relationship and you want to celebrate your undying commitment to each other, nothing symbolizes your love better than a promise ring.

● Promise to your friend

Looking for that special something that shows your best friend just how much you care? A promise ring is a wonderful gift that represents an unbreakable bond you both share, a cherished keepsake reminding your friend that you will always care and be there for them wherever they go.

● A promise from parents to their children

There are many reasons parents would want to give promise rings to their children, from graduating college to leaving the nest to start a new life. Promise rings are a constant reminder of how proud you are of your children and a wonderful way of saying, "I'll love you forever."

● A promise to yourself

Sometimes, the best gift you get can be from yourself. Whether you’re pursuing a lifelong dream or patting yourself on the back for completing an amazing achievement, what better way to celebrate your commitment to you than with a elegant diamond solitaire ring!

Still think a promise ring is just another expression for engagement ring? Of course not!

With so many awesome reasons to pick up a promise ring, you’ll wonder why you never gave one sooner.

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