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  • CONTEST: Win this Tissot luxury watch valued at $945 courtesy of Ann-Louise Vancouver

    by Ann-Louise Jewellers | Jun 27, 2019

    Let’s be honest… If you’re reading this, we probably don’t need to convince you why you should want a luxury watch.


    Afterall, it’s not about needing, it’s about appreciating. Like fine art or excellent wine, luxury watches reflect an appreciation for craftsmanship, tradition and timeless style (pun very much intended).

    With that in mind, we’ve partnered with Ann-Louise to provide watch enthusiasts with some practical points to consider before your next luxury watch purchase. Watches like this aren’t impulse buys, so you’ll want to consider each of the following to make sure you’re happy with your timepiece for years to come. 

    Oh and if you want to win a new watch, you can find contest details HERE.



    In the world of luxury watches there’s no such thing as “waterproof”. Even high-end diving watches are only water resistant up to a certain point. That said, if you’re worried about getting your timepiece wet, be sure to ask the dealer how it will fare when the rain starts to pour.



    No judgement, if you love watches simply because they make you look and feel amazing, then just choose your favourite style. If you’re more drawn to the craftsmanship of luxury watches, particularly those made in the high-end Swiss tradition, you’ll want to choose between automatic or manual-wind pieces.

    Unlike automatic or manual- wind pieces, quartz watches are technically more accurate and often less expensive, but lack the traditional gears, springs and craftsmanship often associated with luxury watches. Another interesting thing to consider; watches that aren’t powered by batteries are powered by the energy given off by the motion of the wearer’s wrist. Everytime the watch moves, the watch self-winds. Not only is this super cool, it’s a testament to the sheer ingenuity inherent in luxury watches.



    It’s easy to get caught-up in ornate details or a flashy face, but be sure to consider both your style of lifestyle before committing to your next piece. If you’re planning on wearing this just on special occasions, go as flashy as you’d like. If you want this to be your go-to piece, consider opting for neutral details that will go with every outfit in your closet. As an example, the look of the Tissot Carson (pictured) is meant to be more of an everyday wear watch; one that you can wear to work and into a night out on the town, whether it be a hockey game, elegant dinner or first date.


    This may seem obvious, but it’s good to peg this down before going shopping. With luxury watches selling for anywhere between $1,000 to $100,000+ you don’t want to find yourself get caught up in the experience and biting off more than you can chew, financially speaking. Fortunately, more and more luxury watchmakers are choosing to offer more accessible price points, in an effort to build upon the tradition of luxury watches.


    Designed to be the very first automatic watch that one buys, the Tissot Carson Gent represent an important step in the life of every young professional — a purchase that is significant, long lasting, and representative of its holder and their status. 

    If you’d love to get your hands on this beautiful timepiece, you can enter the Ann-Louise Tissot Carson giveaway HERE.

    Ann-Louise Jewellers opened the first Vancouver location in 1983, and since then they have earned a reputation for their incredible expertise and selection of luxury watches, engagement rings and jewelry. They are an authorized dealer of Tissot Watches and have locations throughout the Lower Mainland. 

    To learn more about the new Tissot Carson collection, visit
  • Make this Canada Day Extra Special with Canadian Diamonds

    by Ann-Louise Jewellers | Jun 21, 2018

    Make this Canada Day Extra Special with Canadian Diamonds

    Happy birthday Canada! Yup, it’s that time of year again. From coast-to-coast, throngs of proud maple leaf loving Canadians everywhere will adorn their favourite red and white garb and head on out for a fun-filled day of festivities, fireworks…and proposals. Canada Day is the perfect time of year to pop the big question. If proposing to that special someone is a part of your Canada Day plans this year, you’ll want to do it right with Canadian diamonds.  
    Thinking about taking your relationship to the next level this July 1st? Here are just some of the reasons why a Canadian diamond is the ultimate choice for that truly Canuck proposal.

    High quality diamonds 

    Sure, we are known the world over for our maple syrup, hockey, and natural beauty. But what you might not know is we are also one of the largest producers of diamonds on the planet—and not just any old diamonds either! 
    Largely found in the remote Northwest Territories of Canada, the quality of Canadian-mined diamonds is second to none. Dazzling colour, eye-catching clarity, and a low level of fluorescence— a Canadian diamond has everything you could ask for and more. If you are looking for a superior grade diamond engagement ring, Canada’s got you covered.   

    Environmental benefits 

    When it comes to the environment, Canada’s all about sustainability.  Reckless diamond mining can take a toll on Mother Earth—and the Canadian Diamond Code of Conduct takes that very seriously. Truth be told, Canadian diamonds are mined with the strictest environmental standards in the world, helping to preserve the land and protect the natural resources.


    Ethically mined diamonds 

    Canadian diamonds are a must for anyone concerned about human rights issues. They are produced from legitimate mines and come complete with laser inscribed identification numbers, allowing you to trace them back to the point of origin.   

    Great for the economy 

    One of the biggest benefits to buying Canadian diamonds is the boost to the economy. When you purchase native diamonds, it helps to fuel new employment and job opportunities, as well as keeps money circulating within Canada. 
    Proposing to your sweetheart this Canada Day? Give them a diamond engagement ring that shows how much you care about your partner and your country this July 1st. 
    Here at Ann-Louise, we go to great lengths to select only the highest quality diamonds, with all the brilliance and exceptional beauty you have come to expect from a leading jeweler. 

    For a wide range of Canadian diamonds, visit today.
    From all of us to all of you, Happy Canada Day!  

    We've carefully selected our top jewelry gift ideas for Canada Day to help you shop with ease and find that special something for every loved one on your list.

    Jewelry gift ideas for her and gift ideas for men.
    Jewelry gift ideas for Mom and gift ideas for Dad
    Best Engagement rings for Canada Day
    Best men's watches for Canada Day
  • Why Grad Jewelry and Watches Make the Perfect Gift

    by Ann-Louise Jewellers | May 24, 2018

    Graduation season is officially here. Whether it’s high school, college, or university, graduation marks a huge milestone in anyone’s life. Since this day is one they’ll never forget, be sure to give them a gift that is equally as memorable.  If you have a special someone who is getting ready to don a cap and gown this year, let them know how truly proud you are of them with grad jewelry.

    Necklaces, earrings, and rings, oh my! 

    Who wouldn’t want a pair of diamond earrings or a strand of pearls for graduation? When it comes to great grad gift ideas, nothing says congratulations like the essentials. From bracelets and rings to earrings and necklaces, your graduate’s face will light up the room when they unwrap your gift of jaw-dropping jewelry. For a gift that’ll never go out of style, you just can’t beat the classics.  

    annlouise-graduation- Jewelry-gift-min

    Gemstone grad jewelry  

    Looking for a unique piece a grad jewelry that’ll be the envy of all the other graduates? Celebrate their achievement in style with gemstones. Why not? An exquisite ruby, sapphire, or emerald will always look absolutely stunning mounted in a class ring or necklace. Or choose something more or trend like a morganite rose gold ring or aquamarine earrings. Choose their favourite colour or birthstone for that personal touch they’ll love you for. 
    Tissot Everytime Swissmatic Automatic Men's Watch - Buy Now

    Watches are a time-honored tradition 

    Watches make timeless graduation gifts—and for good reasons. They symbolize all those hours spent studying; they are mighty handy (pun intended!); and they are also a stylish fashion accessory. A good watch, with proper care, can be kept for many years or even a lifetime. Whether it serves as a sentimental reminder of school life or helps them get to their new job on time, it is easy to see why giving a watch to a graduate is a time-honoured tradition. 

    Engraving for that personal touch

    Surprise that special student with engraved grad jewelry or an engraved watch. What could be more meaningful than the perfect present personalized with your heart-felt words? When it comes to engraving, there are a wide range of inscription possibilities, including names, initials, monograms, graduation dates, and so much more. 
    Finding the right graduation gift can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be. As they are about to embark on a new chapter in their lives, show them just how proud you are with grad jewelry or a watch. These truly are a memorable and lasting token they’ll cherish forever. 

    At Ann-Louise Jewellers, we have all the gorgeous grad jewelry to make that special occasion even more precious. With a wide selection of diamond  rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets, as well as all the top watch brands, you are sure to find the perfect gift to celebrate this momentous milestone.

    Ann-Louise Jewellers is your Canadian jeweller with 16 stores in BC and Alberta spanning Greater Vancouver, Victoria, the Okanagan, Prince George, Calgary, and Edmonton.​

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  • Top Tips for Choosing Mother’s Day Jewelry

    by Ann-Louise Jewellers | Apr 17, 2018

    mother-reading-a-book-Mother’s-Day Jewelry-annlouise-canada-min

    Mother’s Day is right around the corner on May 13th. Have you thought about how you are going to thank your mom for all the wonderful things she’s done for you? Whether it be for your own mom, grandmother, mother-in-law, new mom, pet mom, or mom-to-be, give her the gift of jewelry this year.

    Wondering what to get that special lady in your life? Fear not. We’ve put together a handy guide to finding the perfect Mother’s Day jewelry we know she’ll love.

    Check her style 

    Before you rush out to buy some Mother’s Day jewelry, take note of her style. Is your mom the glamorous type or does she sport a more bohemian look? You can also take some style cues from the jewelry she already owns. Does she prefer gold or silver? Are her jewelry pieces classic or contemporary? Knowing your mom’s style will help you find the right piece of jewelry she’ll cherish—and wear!

    Looking for a great Mother’s Day jewelry gift? Think gemstones

    Nothing will light up your mom’s face faster than stunning gemstones. Show your mom how much she means to you with jewelry featuring her birthstone or the ones representing her children. Or how about choosing a special stone that matches the colour of your mother’s eyes? The sentimental value alone will mean the world to her.

    happy-loving-Mother’s-Day Jewelry-annlouise-canada-min

    Make it personal

    For that one-of-kind gift that will leave a lasting impression, give the mom in your life something truly unique. Pick out a charming bracelet, necklace, ring, or charm and have it engraved with a special message. When it comes to an unforgettable gift that will stand out among the rest, what better way to express how special your mom is than with a beautiful piece of personalized Mother’s Day jewelry.  

    Start a new tradition, a charm bracelet is a wonderful gift

    Traditions matter. They create lasting memories, bring families together, and offer a chance to say “thank you” to the ones we love. A charm bracelet is a wonderful gift that will help celebrate Mother’s Day for many years to come. Each year, she can add a different charm to her bracelet, bringing with it new smiles every time she wears it. 

    Show your mom how much you love her this Mother’s Day with a timeless piece of jewelry she’ll treasure forever.


    Give more with this exclusive Ann-Louise design

    With the purchase of our 2018 Heart of Gold necklace, not only will you have an extra special gift for mom but $50 from each pendant sold between April 16th - May 31 2018 will be donated to the BC or Alberta Children's Hospital Foundation. Also, you'll be entered for the chance to win a $250 Ann-Louise gift card, making this Heart of Gold the gift that keeps on giving. More details here.

    Here at Ann-Louise Jewellers Canada, we have the perfect Mother’s Day jewelry to suit every mom’s style and taste. With our wide selection of breathtaking bracelets, earrings, rings, and necklaces, we know you’ll find that special gift your mom will adore.

    From all of us at Ann-Louise Jewellers to all you wonderful moms out there—Happy Mother’s Day!

  • What’s the Meaning Behind Promise Rings?

    by Ann-Louise Jewellers | Mar 05, 2018

    What’s the Meaning Behind Promise Rings?

    What does a promise ring mean? Why would you give one? Is it the same thing as an engagement ring? Take it from one of the top jewelry companies in the country, we certainly get our fair share of questions about promise rings. In this post, we’re going to take all the guess work out of promise rings …we promise!

    What’s a promise ring?

    A promise ring is precisely that, a ring that signifies a pledge you’ve made to another person or yourself. It can be a romantic, elegant, or simple way to express your love and commitment. But unlike an engagement ring , it doesn’t come with the expectations of marriage.

    Why give a promise ring?

    Promise rings can mean many different things to many different people—and that’s the beauty of them. Anyone can give a promise ring! Whether it’s for that special someone, a friend, a family member, or even yourself, rules don’t apply when it comes to giving or receiving a promise ring.

    Here a just some of the reasons you might want to give promise ring:

    ● Promise ring meaning for a girlfriend or promise rings for couples

    Too soon to get married? Well, not all rings shared between couples need to be of the “down on one knee” variety. Sometimes, you just want to give a thoughtful gesture that declares your love. If you’re in a serious relationship and you want to celebrate your undying commitment to each other, nothing symbolizes your love better than a promise ring.

    ● Promise to your friend

    Looking for that special something that shows your best friend just how much you care? A promise ring is a wonderful gift that represents an unbreakable bond you both share, a cherished keepsake reminding your friend that you will always care and be there for them wherever they go.

    ● A promise from parents to their children

    There are many reasons parents would want to give promise rings to their children, from graduating college to leaving the nest to start a new life. Promise rings are a constant reminder of how proud you are of your children and a wonderful way of saying, "I'll love you forever."

    ● A promise to yourself

    Sometimes, the best gift you get can be from yourself. Whether you’re pursuing a lifelong dream or patting yourself on the back for completing an amazing achievement, what better way to celebrate your commitment to you than with a elegant diamond solitaire ring!

    Still think a promise ring is just another expression for engagement ring? Of course not!

    With so many awesome reasons to pick up a promise ring, you’ll wonder why you never gave one sooner.

    For a wide selection of stunning promise rings in Canada , come visit Ann-Louise Jewellers today !

  • A Modern Day Love Affair with Rado

    by Ann-Louise Jewellers | Feb 09, 2018


    Rado & women - A modern day love affair and perfect Valentine's Day gift idea this year

    She never leaves the house without a spritz of No.5, without her white wireless headphones, without strapping on her Rado watch, or without blowing a kiss to you as she crosses the threshold. She is truly special and does not need anything to make her feel it. Even so, every time she looks down at her watch it sparkles and she sees beauty. The world around her lights up and becomes just as special as her. It’s more than just fondness, there is love between the two of them and you know that you have to share a small piece of her heart with her Rado watch.

    Rado is a fine Swiss watch brand known as the “Master of materials” for its dedication to using innovative and the most durable materials. It has differentiated itself from the rest by its signature look, its commitment to new and modern designs and for pairing old world tradition with cutting-edge technology. Over the years Rado has been carving its name in the hearts of men and women around the world, but in 2017 Vancouver retailers noticed a special appreciation for them by local women in particular. With some exceptionally feminine and beautiful styles already available, the brand is also set to continue the Rado love affair with the ladies in 2018’s designs.

    Here are some of the best and most beautiful Rado for ladies currently out there, that would all make a wonderful Valentine's Day gift idea for the woman in your life this year.

    This sleek piece pairs timeless elegance and romance with the modern flavour. Made with Rado's signature high-tech ceramic, the case is exceptionally scratch-resistant, preserving the beauty of this watch. The strap is taupe-colour calf leather and the dial is set with a off-centered circle of diamonds.

    Also available with a night blue mother-of-pearl dial and black strap, without diamonds.

    Rado Diamaster, R14064715, CAD $3,100 & R14064915, CAD $1,750
    A best-seller, this model is simply irresistible to the modern woman with a taste for chic-minimalistic. The colour combination is graceful and feminine and reflects today’s taste in fashion and design. As always, the Rado materials aim for the highest protection against scratches.

    The dial is set with 12 diamonds and the watch is a mix of white ceramic and rose-tone PVD coated stainless steel.

    Rado Centrix, R30183742, CAD $2,570

    This limited edition piece is perfect for the woman who appreciates traditional watch-making combined with an edgier modern style. From the True collection this automatic Open Heart is designed so that the mechanism can be seen subtly from the top of the watch through an ultra-fine translucent mother-of-pearl layer that covers the dial.

    Made in glossy white high-tech ceramic this unique watch is limited to just 500 pieces.

    Rado True Open Heart, Limited Edition, R27106902, CAD $2,500

    This Open Heart model from the Centrix family is the perfect balance of grace and mechanical technique. It is powered by an automatic self-winding Swiss movement, that is visible from the outside of the watch through the cut sections of the mother-of-pearl dial. The hours are indicated by 12 diamonds and the strap is a tasteful taupe colour and is made of calf leather.

    Rado Centrix Open Heart, R30245905, CAD $2,280

    This article is written in partnership between Rado and Ann-Louise Jewellers. All styles above are available in the Ann-Louise store in Richmond Centre

    Ann-Louise Jewellers, Richmond Centre, 604.279.8558, 

    Find other great Valentine's Day gift ideas for her and for men by browsing through our online jewellery and watch store. Don't miss our special Valentine's Day deals here


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    diamond heart necklaces -

    diamond earrings -

  • Romantic Valentine’s Day Proposal Ideas

    by Ann-Louise Jewellers | Feb 01, 2018


    Planning on proposing to your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day? Well, you couldn’t have picked a better holiday to pop the question—it is, after all, the most romantic day of the year. If you’ve decided to swap the chocolates for an engagement ring this February 14th, here are some inspiring ideas for the most romantic Valentine’s proposals ever.

    Say it with candy hearts and an unique engagement ring.

    Candy conversational hearts have been around forever. But nowadays you can even order them online with customized messages. These charming little treats could be the key to unlocking that special someone’s heart, making the most romantic day of the year even more romantic. Lay a trail for your partner to follow, leading to the engagement ring where you’ve spelled out “Will You Marry Me?” with them.

    Recreate your first date

    What could be more romantic than taking a stroll down memory lane together? Go backwards in time and spend the day doing all the things you did on your first date. End your magical day together with a Valentine’s proposal. How could your partner say no?

    Plan a romantic getaway

    If dinner and flowers just won’t do, surprise your sweetie with a romantic getaway. Book a stay at a cozy bed and breakfast, relaxing spa, or fancy hotel. Whether it’s a place you have both never been to before or your favourite vacation destination, Valentine’s proposals on a romantic getaway is a wonderful way to create memories that’ll last forever. Just don’t forget the engagement ring at home!

    Set up a scavenger hunt find the engagement ring.

    Organize a scavenger hunt, making your partner follow clues to find the ultimate surprise…the engagement ring. Design your scavenger hunt around the places the both of you shared so many wonderful memories together—your first date, your first kiss, or your favourite restaurant. The last clue will lead them to the engagement ring, where you’ll be down on one knee asking them to marry you. Your partner will never see it coming!

    Go all out Vday style

    If your partner loves Valentine’s Day, why not go all out? Over-the-top Valentine’s proposals can be tons of fun for both you and your future fiancé. Flowers, jewellery, limo & fine dining, chocolates, chanpagne, heart-shaped balloons, rose petals, and stuffed animals—there is no such thing as too much when it comes to Valentine’s themed wedding proposals.

    Whatever Valentine’s Day wedding proposal idea you choose, it’s sure to be a special day your partner will cherish forever.

    Are you planning to propose this year? Don’t forget that perfect Valentine’s Day proposal engagement ring. Take a look at our stunning collection today.


  • 5 Reasons to Love Winter Weddings

    by Ann-Louise Jewellers | Jan 03, 2018

    happy-couple-hugging-on-rock-on-the-background-winter-wedding-annlouise Jewellers-canada

    5 Reasons to Love Winter Weddings

    The holiday season is truly the most magical time of the year. It’s no wonder why so many couples are choosing to have a winter wedding—and why not? There’s nothing quite like saying, “I do” under dreamy falling flakes, nestled in a cozy snow-filled setting. Bliss!

    Planning on getting hitched? Here are 5 reasons that’ll have you falling in love with winter weddings.

    It’s unique

    If you are looking to stand out from the hoards of couples tying the knot in the summer, a winter wedding is the perfect way to buck the trend and leave a lasting impression on your friends and family. Beat “wedding fatigue” fallout with Yuletide nuptials this year.

    Have your pick of venues

    Got your heart set that special venue? Well, if you are getting married during the peak season, chances are you’re not alone, making the odds of snagging that dream wedding spot pretty slim. Having a winter wedding almost guarantees you’ll get the venue of your choice. 

    Winter weddings are cheaper

    Flowers, caterers, entertainers, and photographers—the costs of a wedding can skyrocket, fast. One of the best reasons to have a winter wedding is the savings. Believe it or not, off-peak rates can be considerably less than peak season ones—as much as 30 percent in some cases. If the idea of saving a ton of money has you singing the wedding march, then a winter wedding is for you.

    The wedding photos will look amazing

    Looking for a one-of-a-kind setting that delivers that sparkling wow factor? Snow-covered mountains and gently falling snowflakes make for some of the most beautiful wedding photos imaginable. For pictures that’ll pop, skip the traditional garden, beach, or countryside scenery and get married in a winter wonderland.  

    The summer heat and humidity

    The heat and humidity of summer weddings doesn’t do anyone any favours on one of the most important days of your life. Your gown options are limited, and dashing off to the nearest air conditioner is all you can do to stop your makeup from heading south.

    The hot weather is no picnic for the guys either. Standing around all day in the boiling sun can leave grooms and groomsmen sweating up a storm in their suits and tuxes.

    A winter wedding is your chance to experiment with glamorous and layered looks you wouldn’t even dream about during the warmer months.  

    If want your wedding celebration to be a fantastically frosty day to remember, what are you waiting for? There is no time like the present to start planning a wonderful winter wedding.

    No winter wedding would be complete without a visit to Ann-Louise Jewellers Canada. For that beautiful fairy-tale charm, we have everything you need to make your special day unforgettable, from necklaces, earrings, bracelets and watches, and don’t miss our selection of engagement rings and wedding bands.

    happy-couple-winter-weeding-annlouise Jewellers-canada
  • Why we love engagement rings?

    by Ann-Louise Jewellers | Dec 05, 2017

    Learn the reasons why we love engagement rings in Canada. Engagement rings are the perfect symbol of love, hope and devotion.

    Falling in love is such a wonderful feeling to experience. The world seems beautiful and the future brighter than ever before. You look into your love's eyes and dream about your life together. You feel your heart swell with happiness and amazement at having found a partner that is perfect for you in every way and makes you feel this good.

    Eventually it becomes clear that this is the right person and the right time to make a commitment. You may mutually decide to go searching together for the perfect ring to express your love, or perhaps there is a surprise in store for one of you as the other discretely plans the proposal.

    Everyone loves engagement rings because they are a promise of hope and radiate love.

    We love engagement rings because they are a beautiful visualisation of a deep and wonderful feeling. When we look at them we instantly connect with that feeling and when others look at them we share that feeling with the world, lighting it up with our love even if just in a small way.

    So when you gaze at your engagement ring, remind yourself of how lucky you are of having this much love in your life. If you don't have a ring yet and find yourself gazing at other women's, then focus on how happy you are that such love exists and that you could be the next one to be graced with it.

    We love engagement rings because they just  look so beautiful and sparkle and shine in the light.

    We love our rings for the sentimental attachment we bestow upon them, but also because they are just so gorgeous to look at! They are subtly designed and skillfully crafted to radiate beauty in the most perfect way possible while still remaining comfortable to wear and strong enough to handle our daily activities.

    There are absolutely hundreds of rings to choose from, to suit different personal preferences.  Ann-Louise offers a wide selection of designs like traditional solitaire, timeless halo, modern illusion, or trendy rose gold, to meet your personal style.  There are also different types of diamonds and stones to consider; Canadian diamonds, Ideal Cut diamonds, sapphires, rubies, morganites, and so many more. Sit in a comfy chair at home or snuggle in your bed while you browse all the engagement ring designs to find the perfect one to showcase your love to the world. After all, everyone will want to see it so you want it to be a true reflection of yourself.

    Engagement rings mark an unforgettable time in our lives

    Getting engaged is a unique and special time in one’s life, a memory that we always revisit when thinking of our biggest life moments and accomplishments. They are usually the first in a series to come. Plans are soon made to marry and then future events like having children or buying a home together potentially proceed from the marriage as well.  This is the time to celebrate and make the memory as happy and beautiful as possible. It's a celebration of your unique love, of your cherished partner and of all the other important people in your life that share this time with you.

    Some engagement rings are irreplaceable because they are family heirlooms

    Some engagements rings have been passed down from generation to generation and carry with them all that extra sentimentality. Such a treasure should be cherished while still being enjoyed. Remember to pay some additional TLC to old rings and have them regularly checked for any weaknesses or other issues that come with time and wear. With the right care, a ring can last forever, however should your family heirloom ring suffer from age and need to be remade or refurbished, Ann-Louise has designers and goldsmiths that can help you with the process. 

    Ann-Louise is pleased to represent a wide selection of engagement rings for women to meet your personal and unique style and to hopefully also share this moment with you. Browse the selection of yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold rings, to find the perfect match. You can also choose promise rings, wedding bands, mens rings, gemstone rings, or anniversary bands.

  • Why Jewelry Is a Great Christmas Gift?

    by Ann-Louise Jewellers | Dec 05, 2017


    Why Jewelry Is a Great Christmas Gift?

    With the holiday season right around the corner, you’re probably already wondering what to get the that special someone for Christmas. But with so many gift-giving ideas out there, it can be extra tough to find the perfect present that truly shows how much you care. If you’re fresh out of ideas on what to buy your loved ones this year, here are some reasons why jewelry is a great Christmas gift.

    The Wow Factor

    Let’s be honest here. Nothing drops jaws faster than a stunning piece of jewelry. Don’t believe us? Watch your loved ones' faces light up as they open their gifts—shock, gasps, and oohs and aahs. If you want to amp up the wow factor and sweep your partner off their feet, do it with jewelry this holiday season.

    Lasting Memories 

    Clothes, perfume, and electronic gadgets—there sure are no shortages of gift options to choose from. But how long do you really think the novelty is going to last? A month? A week? A day? When you give jewelry, you’re creating memories that will last a lifetime. Every time they slip on that ring, wear that pearl necklace, or put on that pair of diamond earrings, they’ll remember that special Christmas morning, reliving every precious moment. Let’s see a sweater do that! 

    Timeless Beauty

    Gifts come and go, but jewelry will always stand the test of time. There’s a reason why it gets passed down from generation to generation—it lasts. When you buy your loved ones jewelry, it really is the gift that keeps on giving, again and again. Its timeless beauty remains, lasting a lifetime and beyond.


    Looking for a really personal gift that’s head and shoulders above the rest? Whether you’re giving a diamond ring, a Diamond Tennis Bracelet, or a diamond necklace, jewelry can be completely custom-made to match any style and personality—the possibilities are endless. Heck, even a simple inscription can turn an already breath-taking piece of jewelry into a one-of-kind keepsake they’ll cherish for years to come.

    Can Be Worn Everyday

    A Christmas present that gets tossed in a drawer or closet the moment the holidays are over isn’t much of a gift at all, now is it? Why waste your time, effort, and money buying a present they’ll only a use a few times (or at all, for that matter)? Jewelry can be worn everyday, for any number of occasions, from a casual night out on the town with friends to a formal engagement, beautifully accenting a favorite outfit. 

    With so many reasons to give the gift of bling, it’s easy to see why jewelry is worth wrapping up this Christmas.

    Top jewelry gift ideas for Christmas

    From trendy fashion jewelry to elegant diamond rings, jewelry and watches make unforgettable gifts that speak to the heart. We've carefully selected our top jewelry gift ideas for Christmas to help you shop with ease and find that special something for every loved one on your list.

    Jewelry gift ideas for her and gift ideas for men.

    Jewelry gift ideas for Mom and gift ideas for Dad

    Best engagement rings for Christmas

    Best men's watches for Christmas

    Looking for a dazzling gift for that special someone in your life? Visit Ann-Louise Jewellers today! 


  • Give Us The (Ring) Finger Contest

    by Ann-Louise Jewellers | Nov 24, 2017

    Give Us The (Ring) Finger Contest

    Share your precious moment for a chance to win a $500 Ann-Louise gift card

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  • Illuminate Yourself - Contest

    by Ann-Louise Jewellers | Nov 24, 2017


    Stand in the spotlight and let it shine on how wonderful you already are.

    Our ILLUMINATE YOURSELF Facebook contest is now on. This campaign and article are dedicated to empowering oneself by focusing on our strengths and qualities. See contest entry details at the end of the article.

    Look good, feel good, be healthy, be good partners, good parents, good friends, do well and do good. We strive to be the best version of ourselves and always push to improve. That's all great, and really the world will become a better place if we all prioritize positive growth and change within ourselves. So as we enlighten is there a dark side to watch out for? The negative of always pushing for positive can occur when we forget what we already are and purely focus on what we should be. "I SHOULD" seems to be the favourite word of our untamed inner mental chatter which can unfortunately override the most important "I AM".

    I should be going to the gym more often

    I want cake but I should have an apple

    I should donate more often

    I should meditate more regularly

    I should write to a friend that I haven't been in touch with in a while

    I should drink less wine

    I should.. I should.. I should..

    When we let the nagging cheerleader in our head endlessly push us to score more goals, it can at times really create conflict between this voice and the other more intuitive and subtle voice of our heart, that most of us have tuned out of our human conscience almost completely.  This is the voice of inner wisdom that lets us know when we are being harmful to ourselves and when we better stop. If we cannot listen to it or let alone hear it, and just trample on past over its loving warning signs, this is usually behaviour that leads us straight into 'Anxietyville'. Anxiety and stress for some, and moodiness or depression for others, are adversities that most of us will face at one time or another during our journey.

    During our "Illuminate Yourself" campaign, we invite all of you to focus on how great you already ARE and not just on what other way you think you SHOULD be. Step away from useless dissatisfaction and reconnect with the loving self within you and let it guide you on your unique and happy path. Often when are able to do this, we naturally grow into better versions of ourselves and much that we were pushing for comes to us with ease.

    If you are ready to stand tall in your own spotlight, embracing everything good and bad that makes you who you are, you may just be surprised by what other new sides light up inside of you gently casting away the shadows of stress, doubt and emotional discomfort.

    As your jewellery retailer, self-empowerment is unfortunately not something that we can just sell to you in a pretty box. However, if you are ready to embrace your true beauty and acknowledge all your wonderful qualities, we can find a diamond that can merely reflect it. You are the spark, we can only make you sparkle. Our Lumina diamonds are the perfect choice to shine bright and light yourself up and the world around you.


    Our Lumina collection only uses the finest ideal cut diamonds, graded (by GIA) excellent in cut polish and symmetry. These diamonds are simply the best in terms of sparkle and overall wow-factor. All Lumina styles are carefully designed in our head office, based in western Canada, by our two in-house jewellery designers. Whether you fall in love with a Lumina diamond engagement ring, necklace or earrings, know that you will not be able to find it anywhere else than at Ann-Louise Jewellers. Learn more about Lumina diamonds on our website.


    August 15-September 11: Enter our "Illuminate Yourself" Facebook contest by first visiting one of our retail locations in western Canada and taking a picture with the provided adjective signs. Give yourself some well deserved love and choose the adjective that resonates and highlights you best. Strike a pose holding it, snap a shot, post your picture  as a comment on the contest's post on our Facebook page and share with three friends. One lucky winner, who has completed these steps, will randomly be drawn at the end.

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